Window Cleaning Tools

For both professional window cleaners, or those looking to keep on top of their own homes or businesses, the right window cleaning tools is something that we just can't do without.

Both cutting down cleaning times and being versatile enough to use for a variety of windows, having the right tools will get you a smear free finish.

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Cleaning your windows is one of those tasks that you should regularly be doing. It helps improve the appearance of your home and make it look brighter. No home-owner wants to have grimy windows that limit view or make their home look unwelcoming. To ensure that your windows always stay clean, it’s prudent to invest in some handy window cleaning tools. Here are the tools that you might need for quick and efficient cleaning.

Washer or scrubbing wand

This is the tool you use to scrub the window. It's normally in the shape of T and is made of lightweight but durable material. Washers come in different sizes, makes and the t-bars or handles and sleeves can be bought separately. The sleeves can either be general cotton, abrasive pads or microfiber. The washer is usually dipped into a bucket filled with window cleaning soap and gently scrubbed on the glass to remove dirt.


This tool is used to remove the cleaning solution and dry your windows. A squeeze consists of three separate parts: a handle, rubber blade and metal channel. The rubber part is the most important and needs to be kept in perfect condition with no cracks or deformations for thorough work. It’s important to avoid buying a cheap squeegee, or you will be disappointed with the performance.


Although a little obvious, it's good to buy a good bucket that you will be specifically using for window cleaning. You can either buy one that sits on the floor or one that hooks to your belt for convenience when cleaning high windows on a ladder. The bucket should be long enough to fit your washer.

Window scraper

Another important window cleaning tool that you should have is the scrapper. When you have dirt, debris or any other impurities on your window glass, a scraper comes in handy for the cleaning job. This tool comes with a sharp razor blade that is usually run along the window to remove unwanted dirt like bird droppings and mud. A scraper is good for achieving great cleaning results with no streaks left on the glass after using a squeegee.

Extension poles

If your windows are placed at a higher height, a quality extension pole is a must have. It's best to buy a pole that is a bit longer than you think you'll need for your window cleaning tasks. A good pole will fit on any window washer or squeegee handle that you buy. Most of them are designed to attach easily to extension poles. While it may take some practice and skill to use the pole effectively, it's always a valuable tool when working at heights.

Window cleaning towels

These towels are actually not used to clean the glass but are primarily helpful when you want to wipe the edges of your windows or blot small spots that were missed by the squeegee. The best to use are the microfiber, surgical or terry cloth towels.

Cleaning solution

Although not classified as part of your window cleaning tools, your job can never be complete without a quality window cleaning solution. You can either make your own or buy a professional window cleaning soap.

For the best window cleaning experience, it's important to understand various window cleaning techniques. Keeping your windows clean helps transform your living space and make your home look more impressive.